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Ballast sensor for water ballast

What does my model weigh - currently?
How much ballast is left in the tank?
The Ballast-Sensor provides a reliable answer to these questions.
 This telemetry sensor (for PowerBox P²BUS, Jeti EX-BUS) measures the water flow when the ballast is drained and can therefore reliably display the tank level.

Ballast sensor (L)
With its measuring range of 250 - 3000ml/min, this sensor is well suited for very large flow rates, which are common when discharging the ballast. The ballast sensor is simply inserted into the drain hose and measures the flow in the drain line. Due to the axial structure, the measurement takes place with almost no resistance. The sensor is set to measure water. The density of water and thus also the mass depends on environmental influences (pressure, temperature). Therefore, the sensor can be adjusted to your individual location via the transmitter.
The cylindrical sensor is simply inserted into the hose line with the 4mm hose connections; the fuselage can also be directly connected to the 1/4" thread.
Telemetry for CORE/ATOM and Jeti
The ballast sensor can be connected to the Jeti EX-BUS and the PowerBox P²BUS. The protocol used is automatically recognized by the sensor. The settings in the sensor are also made via the BUS. A separate programming device is not required. With the Jeti, the setting is made via the JetiBOX in the transmitter and with the PowerBox via the sensor menu.
Only a few settings need to be made:
Reset channel:
The fuel gauge is reset manually after refueling via a freely selectable channel.
model weight:
The empty weight of the model is set here and stored in the sensor.
Max. ballast:
This is the maximum amount of ballast (water) in the tank (tank volume).

The ballast sensor is immediately ready for use. As soon as the sensor is connected to the bus, it automatically adapts to the correct bus protocol.

The sensor supplies the following values:
  • Model mass in kg
  • Ballast in kg and %
  • flow in ml/min

(The values shown are shown accordingly for Jeti.)

This telemetry sensor (for PowerBox P²BUS and Jeti EX-BUS) reliably shows the current weight of the ballast tank (water) and the aircraft weight.

(ready to ship in 7-10 days)

Technical data:
height 25 mm,
diameter 14/20 mm,
length 113 mm,
weight 20 g,
measuring range 250 - 3000 ml/min,
Hose connection 4mm nipple (1/4" thread)
protocol Jeti EX-BUS or PowerBox P²BUS
169,00€(MwSt. incl.)
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