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Telemetry Converter

The SmokeDriver (G-Force and HV) provides data that can be delivered to your transmitter by telemetry. Depending on the telemetry system, alos alarms are available.

The TeleConverter translates the data of the SmokeDriver into the different telemetry data of the RC manufacturers. This makes it easy for you to display the data on your transmitter. The TeleConverter will be connected to the AUX1 connector of the SmokeDriver (G-Force / HV).

The TeleConverter is supplied by the receiver with the necessary operating voltage. The two inputs of the TeleConverter are electrically separated from each other and ensure the operation.
After the receiver is switched on and the TeleConverter is powered, the red status LED lights up. The TeleConverter is now ready for operation and is waiting for data from the SmokeDriver. The LED goes off when data is being received from the SmokeDriver.
The SmokeDriver sends the following four data:
1. U-LiPo  in V
The LiPo battery, which supplies the smoke systems (and if may be the engine) is permanently monitored to avoid a deep discharge. The smoke system is deactivated as soon as the battery is below a cell voltage of 3.3V. The current battery voltage is transmitted. The minimum battery voltage can be adjusted at the transmitter and triggers an alarm.
2. G-Force  in g
The acceleration force acting perpendicular to the wings of your model is measured and transmitted.
3. Countdown  in s
The smoke system requires a pre-heating time of 30 sec., after that delay the smoke can be activated at any time. The countdown is transferred to the transmitter, so you know when the system is ready.
4. CutOff  Nr.
In the event of a fault, the smoke system switches off automatically. The error code is transmitted.

Technical specifications:
Weight ....................  8g
Dimension ..............  40 x 15 x 4mm
Voltage .................    5.4 - 9.6 volts
Current.………......…. <20mA

Works only with the G-Force SmokeDriver
and HV-SmokeDriver 2017.
HV-SmokeDriver older than 2017 needs an software update!

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