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Smoke-Systems Terminal


The G-Force SmokeDriver will be delivered with a default configuration. 

The values are:
    • 4G force, 
    • 1 sec. additional smoke time and 
    • 50% pump output for center smoke. 

You can change the parameter via the transmiter of an RC-System. 
Easier and more comfortable, you can use our Smoke-Systems Terminal.
Simply connect the AUX1 of the GF-SmokeDriver with the BlueCom adapter from PowerBox 
and connect your smartphone with the BlueCom. 

Even if you use an Android device,
please use the BlueCom Adapter (IOS).
Once the connection between the app and the GF-SmokeDriver is established simply adjust the parameters to your liking. 
There is no manual available and not needed. The screenshots show the app’s user interface.

After the connection is made via Bluetooth,
the app automatically change in the tab [G-Force].
On these pages the G-Force threshold and
the delay time can be set.

The setting is done simply by dragging the sliders.
The values are transferred immediately to the Smoke Driver.

On the page [pump], the pump speed
for the Center Smoke can be set .
Values 25 - 100% are possible.
100% corresponds to 600ml per minute.

- The Smoke system terminal is available for free download -
(not for IOS)
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