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G-Force Smoke-EL (Jet)

This smoke device’s GF-SmokeDriver is equipped with a 3-axis MEMS sensor which measures the force perpendicular to the plane’s wing.
The G-Force that acts on the Jet in tight curves or loopings will automatically activate the smoke device and in turn deactivate it once the force is no longer active. Thus you can imitate a real jet’s wake turbulence.
The force that is necessary to activate the smoke device is configurable.  The sensor can be adjusted from 2 – 7g (1g is the acceleration through the earth’s gravitation at the earth’s surface. 1g = 9.81m/s).
Another exciting detail of this smoke device is its optional magnetic valve. With this valve you can reroute the smoke-oil from the original smoke pipes to the thrust tubes behind the turbines. Similar to a conventional smoke device you can now produce smoke via the turbines. With one central tank and only one SmokePump you therefore have one smoke device in one. Moreover, you will still only need one control channel to operate the smoke device. The magnetic valve can be purchased separately as an accessory. Please connect the valve to the connection labeled “valve.”

The Starter set:
 We put all the components you need for our basic G-Force smoke device in one starter set. The sensor hopper and the magnetic valve are optional and will not be needed in every case.

The G-Force SmokeDriver, the SmokePump, and the smoke tubes are basic components which are always required.

If you already own a Smoke-EL smoke system you can easily switch to the new system by simply replacing the SmokeDriver. All other components stay the same and will not have to be replaced.

The Smoke-System APP:
The G-Force SmokeDriver will be delivered with a default configuration. The values are 4G force, 1 sec. additional smoke production time and 50% pump output for center smoke. You can change the parameter via the sender of an RC-channel. Easier and more comfortable however, you can now also use our Smoke-Systems Terminal from the AppStore.
Simply connect the GF-SmokeDriver with the BlueCom adapter from PowerBox and connect your smartphone with the BlueCom. Even if you have an Android Phon, please use the BlueCom (IOS). Once the connection between the app and the GF-SmokeDriver is established simply adjust the parameters to your liking. The screenshots show the app’s user interface.

The wake turbulences you see with “real” jets are produced because of extreme negative pressure during radical flight maneuvers. This effect is impressively replicated with our G-Force Smoke device.

Technical Data:
The Smoke tubes:
Weight per tube:
Number of evaporators:
Power input:
Consumption per minute:
2 pieces
100ml / 1500mAh
The SmokePump
Flow rate:
Power input:
Tube connector:
Connector type:

600 ml/min (max)
6 Volt
3 A
The G-Force SmokeDriver:
Operating voltage:
Power drain (heater):
Power drain (pump):
Temperature range:
Connector types:
6S-10S LiPo (22-43 Volt)
40A (70 A short time)
3A (max)
0.04A (disconnect batteries)
10°C (50°F) to 45°C (113°F)
approx. 50g
JR and MPX

You can order the G-Force smoke device in two different versions.
We put starter sets together for you which already contain all the components you will need for your smoke device. With this set starting with Smoke-EL will be easy. You will only need an additional oil tank and a battery pack (which can also be your already existing main power source LiPo 6s-12s).
StarterSet Smoke-EL (Jet)

In this set we put everything you will need to use the G-Force smoke device. You will only need an additional tank for the smoke oil and batteries (6s-10s LiPo).

Starterset Smoke-EL (s) Jet  (6s - 10s)

Starterset Smoke-EL (s) Jet (6s - 10s)

Starter set with two evaporators

This set includes:
• 2 x Smoke-EL (S)
• G-Force SmokeDriver
• SmokePump
• Accessories kit (all Festo)
• 1L RedOil

687,00€ Add
Upgrade to Smoke-EL (Jet)

If you already own a Smoke-EL smoke device and want to switch to the new G-Force Smoke-EL, simply order this upgrade. You can continue to use your evaporators and the SmokePump.

Upgrade von  HV auf G-Force

Upgrade von HV auf G-Force

This set includes:

• G-Force SmokeDriver (6s-10s)
• external LED (blue)
• Adapter lead MPX/JR

205,00€ Add

Accessories for the Smoke-EL (Jet)
Various accessories can be used with the Smoke-EL (Jet)
Sensor Hopper

Sensor Hopper

This small (100ml) Hopper tank is designed to be mounted between the SmokePump and the Smoke-Oil tank. The sensor is connected to the SmokeDriver and signals if it detects air in the tank. If the GF-SmokeDriver should detect air in the tank, it will shut down the smoke device completely.

The tank includes an approximately 40cm tube and connectors. (For more pictures please click on the picture).

Physical dimensions: 40 x 32 x 115 (L x W x H)
Tank content.......: 100ml
Weight...............: 30g
Sensor connector..: JR

59,00€ Add
BlueCom™ Adapter

BlueCom™ Adapter

Wireless connection from G-Force SmokeDriver
to yor mobile device.

49,50€ Add
2/3 way magnetic valve

2/3 way magnetic valve

To control Center-Smoke you will need the magnetic valve.
Using our SmokeDriver you can switch between wing tip smoke and center smoke.

49,00€ Add
Telemetry Converter (G-Force)

Telemetry Converter (G-Force)

The TeleConverter converts the data from the
GF-SmokeDriver into telemetry data.

Select your RC manufacturer:

45,00€ Add
RedOil (air)

RedOil (air)

We developed this novel smoke-oil exclusively for use with our Smoke-EL system.

RedOil is a fragrance-free paraffin-oil mixture.

Please choose a can size.

30,00€ Add
Mounting set

Mounting set

Two Aluminium brackets to install the Smoke tube at your Aircraft.
Easy screw the bracket with 3mm screws to the wingtips (for example)
and mount the Smoketube withe the cable ties.

dimension: 80mm x 15mm x 10mm (L x b x h)
weight : 9g

Klick - For more pictures

29,00€ Add
Recoil valve made by Festo

Recoil valve made by Festo

This small valve can be inserted between the pump and the Y-junction.
The valve prevents oil from leaking via the pump and the tubes while the model is idling.

16,50€ Add
Adapter lead MPX/JR

Adapter lead MPX/JR

MPX female / JR female

9,50€ Add
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