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The central controlling unit of the smoke device is our SmokeDriver.
Controlled by processors, this small and lightweight element supervises the operation of the smoke device. You simply connect the SmokeDriver on a free receiver output. Through the MPX connectors you then connect the smoke pipe(s) and the LiPo batteries with the SmokeDriver. The SmokeDriver supervises the voltage of the LiPo batteries and safely switches the system off once the proper discharge voltage 3,3 V/Cell) is reached.
Since the interrupting voltage is 3.3 volt per cell, and thus higher than the discharge limit of the LiPo batteries, you can use the main power unit to power the smoke device. To satisfy most battery set-ups we offer various SmokeDriver There are two types of SmokeDriver available. The only different is the Battery Voltage. One is for 6s to 10s and the other for 12s to 14s.

G-Force SmokeDriver
Since 2018 our new GF-SmokeDriver includes an acceleration sensor (MEMS) and thus measures the acceleration perpendicular to the wings (positive and negative).
In addition to manual switching the Smoke system is activated automatically when an adjustable acceleration value (2g - 7g) is exceeded with this SmokeDriver.
 As soon as the acceleration falls below the threshold, the smoke is switched off again. Thus, the vortices can now be simulated at the wingtips.

The configuration of the GF-SmokeDriver can be done via the transmitter (Core and Jeti) or, quite simply, the Smoke-Systems terminal via your Smartphone. The app can be downloaded from the Googel Store.

From 2019 the G-Foce SmokeDriver are telemetry able out of the box for CORE and JETI.
For all other TX-Systems (Spectrum, Multiplex, Hott and Futaba) to use our telemetry, you need the teleconverter.

Technical Data:
Dimension...................:   60 x 60 x 20 mm (L x B x H)
Weight.........................:   50g
acceleration sensor.....:   MEMS 3-Achsen
adjustable range..........:  2 - 7 g
Working voltage...........:  22 - 42Volt (6s - 10s version)
Working voltage...........:  44 - 59Volt (12s - 14s version)

Automatic switch-off at 3.3 volt per cell.
MPX-connectors for the batteries are included.

The SmokeDriver is already included in our starter sets. 
G-Force SmokeDriver
The SmokeDriver supervises and controls all functions of the smoke device. There are two different versions of the SmokeDriver.

- HV-SmokeDriver
- G-Force SmokeDriver
- SmokeDriver for SmokeBlock

Please choose the one you need.
2/3 way magnetic valve
To control Center-Smoke you will need the magnetic valve.
Using our SmokeDriver you can switch between wing tip smoke and center smoke.
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