Schritt 1: LiPo-Setup - Smoke-Systems

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Schritt 1: LiPo-Setup

To operate the Smokesysteme a LiPo battery with at least 6 cells is needed. The SmokeDriver monitors the battery voltage and switches off the smoke generator when the voltage drops below 3.3 volts per cell. So the battery is not empty yet. For this reason, the SmokeDriver can also be supplied directly from the drive battery.

Whether they use a separate rechargeable battery or the drive battery, they decide themselves. If you want to operate Smoke-EL on a separate battery, select 6s and plan a capacity of min. 2400mAh. The smoke performance is identical for all battery types.

The SmokeDriver comes in two versions. The cell number must always be divisible by 2 (6s, 8s, 10s, 12s, 14s). Odd cell numbers (7s, 9s ...) are not possible.

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