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EL-Fuel-Station V2

Inspired by jet pilots, this refueling station was created in close cooperation with the pilots.
In terms of function and design, this fuel station is unparalleled and will delight the discerning pilot.
Filling and defueling has never been so easy and convenient.
The EL-Fuel-Station in key words:
  • Filling station for all common fuels
  • For all types of tanks (including bag tanks)
  • Up to 1L/min. Delivery capacity
  • Accurate measurement of fuel quantity
  • 3" graphic display, illuminated
  • compact splash-proof handheld
  • Three operating modes (automatic / fuel switch / manual)
  • Operating voltage 6 – 12 volts (2-3s LiPo, XT60)
  • All hose connections 6mm
  • Remaining quantity display of the storage canister
  • 10 model memories with individual parameters
  • Active standby for minimal quiescent current
  • Cavitation detection and avoidance
  • variable pump performance
  • Soft start
Connect the EL-Fuel-Station...
There are two 6mm hose connections on the bottom and an XT60 connector for the battery on the back. On the side of the housing there is an MR30 socket for connecting the FuelSwitch.
Easy handling...
The filling station is operated using a button and a rotary knob.
The button is used to switch the filling station on and off. If the button is held down for longer than 3 seconds, the pump starts backwards.
The LED in the button flashes as soon as the filling station is in standby mode. Pressing the button ends standby mode again. The power consumption in standby is so low that the battery can remain plugged in all day.
Settings for the filling station are carried out using the rotary knob. Pressing the rotary knob starts the setup; pressing it again ends the setup. By turning it, the setting values in the setup are changed
The sensory...
The EL-Fuel-Station is equipped with high-quality sensors that guarantee safe and easy operation.
Air bubbles in the hose are detected and the speed of the pump is automatically adjusted to reduce the formation of bubbles.
When defueling, it is automatically recognized when the tank is empty and the EL-Fuel-Station switches off. An empty storage canister is also detected and the EL-Fuel-Station switches off.
The built-in fuel sensor records the amount of fuel currently being pumped and shows it on the large display. Refueling stops automatically when the specified amount of fuel has been filled. When the tank is almost full (90%), the rest is filled with lower pump performance to reduce foam in the tank.
The information display...
The 3" backlit display shows the current status of the refueling process and is used to make the settings for the EL-Fuel-Station.
The contents of the fuel canister are shown on the left edge of the display. The graphic on the right edge of the display shows the contents of the tank in the model.
Other displays include battery voltage and pump performance.
Three operating modes...
The EL-Fuel-Stationis suitable for filling and defueling all common tank systems with the usual fuels.
The device has three different methods for filling the tanks.
Which mode is used is defined in the model memory.
In this mode, refueling is started simply by pressing the start button. The pump runs with the performance specified in the model memory. In order to avoid foaming of the fuel in the tank, it may make sense to reduce the pump power in the setup. The progress of the refueling process is shown on the display of the EL-Fuel-Station. The refueling process is ended by pressing the stop button again. The EL-Fuel-Station stops automatically at the latest when the amount of fuel delivered has reached the set volume. To defuel, press the start button for 3 seconds. held down. The pump then starts in the opposite direction with reduced performance.
FuelSwitch... (optional accessory)
In this mode, an overflow sensor is installed in the model and signals when the tank is full. The overflow sensor is connected to the EL-Fuel-Station using the MR30 socket, which is located on the side of the display. Refueling with the FuelSwitch begins by pressing the start button. Refueling ends when the FuelSwitch reports the overflow, after which the pumping direction is briefly reversed to empty the overflow again.
If there is no signal from the FuelSwitch, the refueling process stops when the amount of fuel delivered has reached the set volume. The refueling process can be canceled using the stop button.
This mode is particularly suitable for tanks that can be completely emptied via the tank connection (bag tanks are a good example here). The tank size set in the model memory is the decisive factor for the refueling process in this mode. If the tank is set to 1000ml, exactly this amount of fuel is poured into the tank and the refueling process is stopped. Since there may still be residual amounts of fuel in the tank, they are first completely emptied and pumped back into the storage canister.
Auto mode is started by pressing the start button. A manual stop is not necessary as the refueling process is stopped automatically.
The refueling process can be canceled at any time using the stop button.
Filling station for all common fuels and all types of tanks (including bag tanks)
Time for delivery: 10 - 14 Day's

Technical data:
Weight..................... 550g
Dimensions........... 220 x 120 x 100 mm
Voltage.................... 6 – 12 volts
Current.....…………. max. 2A
Standby………….... <=15mA
Fuels…..…….........…. Kerosene, diesel, gasoline, methanol
Protection class... IP42
Hose set 6mm
Accessories for the EL-Fuel-Station

2m hose (PU, blue)
2m spiral hose (PU, clear)
6/4 reduction from 6mm to 4mm
This sensor is simply clamped over your 6mm overflow hose. In connection with the fuel station, it stops the refueling process when the tank is full.

Technical specifications:
Dimension.............. 30 x 30 x 11 mm
Voltage............... 5 Volt
Weight................ 11g (incl. cable and sensor)
MR30 patch cable
80cm cable to connect the EL-Fuel-Station V2 to the fuel switch
Fuel-Sensor (PRO)
This telemetry sensor (for PowerBox P²BUS and Jeti EX-BUS) measures the fuel flow from the tank to the engine or to the turbine and can therefore reliably display the tank level.
Due to the measuring range, the sensor is suitable for combustion engines from approx. 100ccm and turbines up to approx. 200N thrust. The sensor can be automatically set to "full" after refueling via the FuelSwitch (patch cable included).

(Shipping in 2-3 day's)

Technical data:
height 25 mm,
diameter 40 mm,
length 75 mm,
weight 50 g,

Measuring range:
15 - 200 ml/min in suction lines

15 - 800 ml/min in pressure lines

protocol Jeti EX-BUS or PowerBox P²BUS
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