PowerSwitch - Smoke-Systems

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If you want a lot of power via an RC-channel, 
the PowerSwitch is the solution.

Internal safety measures protect the switch from excess current as well as from exceedingly high temperatures. The built-in electronic fuse (50A) renders the switch short-circuit proof. The switching capacity reaches up to 900Watt, and the continuous current can be up to 40A. The switch is separated from the RC-system with a galvanic optocoupler and therefore offers highest safety.
You can easily connect the balance plug of the battery pack to the PowerSwitch via the lateral JST-connector. If you connect the battery through this connector, a further single-cell monitoring system will be activated and will shut off the PowerSwitch if the cell falls below 3Volt. The built-in display will show all vital data after an automatic shut-off.

When in use you can read-out actual power consumption. When you turn off the RC-system, the switch will automatically turn into stand-by after 5 seconds. In this condition the load is turned off and the stand-by current is less than 10mA.

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