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EL-FuelStation V2

A professional refueling station for demanding pilots who want to refuel safely and easily.
It doesn't matter which tank is installed, even bag tanks can be filled safely.
The EL-Fuel-Station in key words:
  • Filling station for all common fuels
  • For all types of tanks (including bag tanks)
  • Up to 1L/min. Delivery capacity
  • Accurate measurement of fuel quantity
  • 3" graphic display, illuminated
  • compact splash-proof handheld
  • Three operating modes (automatic / fuel switch / manual)
  • Operating voltage 6 – 12 volts (2-3s LiPo, XT60)
  • All hose connections 6mm
  • Remaining quantity display of the storage canister
  • 10 model memories with individual parameters
  • Active standby for minimal quiescent current
  • Cavitation detection and avoidance
  • variable pump performance
  • Soft start

Available to order from February and delivered in April
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